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Listening to music on the busIn part two of our series exploring how digital tech is changing the way we live, we delve into the evolution of etiquette and people’s top tech frustrations.

5 times we give tech a ‘time-out’

1 – Dinner with or without digital?

Enjoy your food, not Facebook! Over 4 in 5 of us (82%) say no to phones at the dinner table when they’re at home, and about the same amount again (79%) don’t feel it’s ok to use one when you’re in a restaurant. You might find you get different reactions though depending on whether you’re in Belfast or Belgravia. Londoners are much more comfortable with tech at meal times, over a third of them don’t mind people using their phones at the dinner table. In Northern Ireland however, you’re far more likely to see a raised eyebrow with just 1 in 10 feeling comfortable about phone usage at the dinner table.

2 – Age Appropriate Access

Deciding when to give children their own technology is a decision parents are faced with. On average it’s when children hit 11 that adults feel it’s appropriate to give them their own phones, tablets and laptops. Keeping on top of tech usage and enforcing a time-out is another decision for parents to consider with one in five (19%) limiting their kid’s time in front of the TV and a third of households having a formal ban on tech in certain rooms or at designated times.

3 – No mobiles at the matinee

Nearly 9 out of 10 (88%) of people surveyed say no to smartphones in the cinema. There is however a small fraction (3%) of adults who find it completely acceptable to use tech at the theatre or while watching a movie. It’s the capital again however where you’re most likely to get away with it – almost a quarter (24%) of Londoners are happy for others to use their phones at the cinema or the theatre.

4 – Headphone headache

Listening to music through your headphones and enjoying your favourite artists is great – just keep it to yourself! Nearly three quarters (72%) of people get frustrated with others playing their music loudly through their headphones. It pays to pay attention when you’re out and about too, 56% of people dislike others walking towards them whilst using their phone and not looking where they’re going.

5 – Singers and sporting heroes

One of the most divisive times for tech usage is while we’re watching our favourite teams play or rocking out at a concert. Age plays a big part in people’s opinions with over half (54%) of adults aged over 45 against using smartphones at sporting events or concerts whilst nearly three quarters (73%) of 18-24 year olds have no problem with it.

Nick WilliamsNick’s view

Nick Williams, Managing Director for Consumer Digital said: “We recognise the increased usage of digital technology by our customers, but it is clear etiquette is important. At Lloyds Bank, our role is to understand what our customers want and expect from their technology. This will allow us to keep providing a first-class online banking experience that integrates with people’s daily lives, and hopefully reduces the chances of any tech etiquette issues!”

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