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“A core part of our digital strategy and a key strategic priority for the Group is transforming the way our customers interact with us. This involves a significant investment in developing world-class, customer-centric products and services.’’

Zak Mian, Digital and End-To-End Transformation Director at Lloyds Banking Group, shares his thoughts on what the Customer Journey Transformation programme involves.

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“Over the last few years, we’ve had great success building out our online capability, giving customers the tools so they can log into securely, safely and perform simple service transactions, both on desktop and mobile devices. While customers have been saying great things about our mobile banking apps on the app store, one of the things we need to put greater focus on is thinking end to end. Customers think of the bank as a single thing, whereas too often we think of the Bank as multiple channels. The whole opportunity with end to end transformation is to ask, ‘how do we get properly on the customer agenda, stop thinking about silos and start thinking and designing for branch, telephony, digital in a more integrated way.’’

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“To our customers, it doesn’t matter how they access our organisation, they just want the slickest process and quickest decision. They rightly just see us as their bank and we are taking a fresh look at the journey they take with us and redesigning, with the customer at the heart of it.”

Watch Zak’s video to find out more about what Lloyds Banking Group is doing for customers and how working in a collaborative, creative way is delivering real benefits to customers.

If you have a forward-thinking view on product and service design and are interested in applying for a role, please visit our careers website to find out more and search ‘Customer Journey Transformation.’

You can also find out more about Customer Journey Transformation below.

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