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Banking has seen a complete digital revolution in the last few years, adopting new tools that provide a better experience for customers and giving more choice for how they want to interact with us. Progressive banks who want to have a real impact aren’t idle. They are making strides to include technology in the whole mix. These are the fast-movers.

To stay on top of the product industry, and to ensure a seamless customer experience, designing products that respond to the ever evolving and unique customer behaviour is key.

We do this at Lloyds Banking Group, through our Product Owners who are a bunch of fun, collaborative, innovative, smart and talented people from diverse backgrounds.  They enjoy disrupting the status quo and are extremely passionate about what they do.

he Financial Services industry is changing so rapidly that there's a lot of room for creativity

Daria Mitaenko is a Product Owner for Notifications within Personal Account Services at Lloyds. She’s testimony that a well thought out and designed product can delight customers.  She tells her story:

“Prior to my role as a Product Owner I spent two years in the Innovations Lab Team at Lloyds Banking Group and have done a lot of work with FinTech start-ups. We’ve been looking at new technologies and new ideas and have been running a lot of experiments  to make sure we innovate and develop new products, both thoroughly tested and quicker.

“What I really enjoy in my role as a Product Owner is understanding how my product fits with others within Lloyds. So, obviously within a large company like that no product is standalone.  There’s a lot of work going on in understanding how the piece I’m working on fits with and supports other interactions a customer may have with us.  I think developing that holistic view of the customer experience while still focusing on your own product is very  interesting.

“The Financial Services industry is changing so rapidly that there’s a lot of room for creativity. There’s also a lot of room for building truly new things that people don’t expect in the market. So, that’s quite a big challenge but also a great opportunity to really think differently with the customer always at the heart of any decisions.

“Lloyds Banking Group has great relationships with many start up accelerators and programmes that sponsor innovation initiatives and competitions . There’s a lot of opportunities to go and see what the new up and coming trends are in the market through these relationships so it’s always possible to be right at the cutting edge.”

If you find that the product is always on your mind, and want to find out how we do things at Lloyds Banking Group, then join us at the Mind the Product conference on  8  September, at the Barbican Centre, London to learn more.

Mind the Product  is a conference by product people for product people. It promotes sharing product management knowledge and brings together experienced product owners, start-ups and digital gurus to have discussions around how best we can improve or build new products.

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