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Such a simple request, one that is made several thousand times a day, at meetings all around a city as large as London. But this request meant so much more; because Elizabeth Lumley’s simple Americano with skimmed milk (one sugar) was not fetched by someone who had to wait in a queue, but ordered via mobile. The technology was developed by WoraPay, an alumnus of Startupbootcamp FinTech, of which Elizabeth is Director of its Global Ecosystem Development and of its InsurTech Programme.

“We have this new app,” said Elizabeth’s meeting companion at Lloyds Banking Group when the coffee request was made. “You just make your order, and when your coffee’s ready you get a text. I believe it is from one of your startups.”

“Yes, I know it,” Elizabeth smiled. “The technology was developed by WoraPay, they were in our 2015 London class.”

One of many global startups attracted to London FinTech scene and the Startupbootcamp programme, the Lithuanian startup arrived at Startupbootcamp’s London base in August 2015. Their goals were to expand their order and self-checkout with any mobile wallet platform from an established base in the Baltics to the UK.

Over the three months of the Startupbootcamp programme, WoraPay identified key contacts to target in the UK market, set out a sales strategy, and executed it by working with programme partners and mentors.

During the programme, Lloyds Banking Group (a founding partner of Startupbootcamp Fintech) held one of their Espresso Martinis FinTech meetups at their Chiswell Street London office, and invited the nine startup teams on the programme to present. While WoraPay CEO Vaidas Adomauskas was waiting his turn, Richard Jackson, WoraPay UK’s managing director, noticed the in-lobby coffee shop and wondered who supplied the catering at Lloyds.

WP Coffee 2

A couple of conversations later, and working with Daria Mitaenko of Lloyds Banking Group Innovation Labs, WoraPay started a pilot with Gather & Gather (a Mitie catering business) – the firm that run the food and beverage counters at all of the Lloyds offices.

Now a few months in, and 40,000 cups of coffee (or tea) later, WoraPay estimate that Lloyds colleagues have already saved more than 1,400 hours that would have otherwise been spent queuing. In a year, that accumulates to 75,000 hours, the equivalent of over 10,700 working days. The innovative approach has also been reported by Bloomberg and Finextra. Elizabeth adds, “One of these cups of coffee was delivered to me, without ever seeing or waiting in a queue.”

Daria says: “As a Startupbootcamp partner, we met WoraPay on the FinTech programme and were keen to see their innovative solution in action. While testing it with our catering partners, we were impressed by the convenience of the service. Because it’s so easy and quick to pay remotely, it’s turned into a habit for many of our colleagues. The feedback from users has been fantastic.”

From the initial pilot at Lloyds’ Chiswell Street offices, the WoraPay pilot extended to other London offices, including group headquarters in Gresham Street as well as other UK offices in Halifax and Bristol.

WoraPay is now in discussions with Gather & Gather about the possible roll-out of the service across the entire Lloyds Banking Group estate, as well as with other external catering companies to launch the service.

In the video below, Vaidas Adomauskas from WoraPay, Francisco Lorca from Startupbootcamp and Daria Mitaenko from Lloyds Banking Group discuss more about WoraPay and partnering with the FinTech community. You can read more about WoraPay on their website. For more about the Startupbootcamp FinTech or InsurTech programmes, please visit their website.

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