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Leigh’s career is proof that you can be there as a parent and meet your work goals too. You just need to find agile, flexible employers – and be agile and flexible yourself.

Lloyds Banking Group is a business on a mission to help Britain prosper.

Digital progress and development – for consumers and businesses – is a vital driver of prosperity.

So Leigh’s role as Head of Digital Inclusion is an important one, and her team is making real progress as they work to bring the benefits of digital to wider and wider audiences.

The insights they glean from groundbreaking consumer and SME research are feeding into government policy and supporting partners.  And just for good measure, they’ve inspired more than 11,000 Lloyds Banking Group people across the four nations of the UK to become Digital Champions.

Home and work in balance

Right through her career, Leigh has changed the pattern of her work to fit with family life – “children’s needs vary as they grow and develop”, she says.

When her two sons were younger she worked in different ways depending on their age and needs .

As Leigh explains: “Now that they’re teenagers I think they need their parents around to talk to about their friendships and school work. The period from 11 to 16 is instrumental in their emotional development so I aim to work two days a week from home.”

A flexible digital career

Leigh has always chosen employers very carefully. Flexibility is non-negotiable for her – if they don’t take a flexible approach to employment, she won’t work for them.

What’s interesting is that demanding flexibility and balance has done nothing to hamper her career. Quite the opposite in fact.

“I previously led a marketing team on a new government initiative to support low income parents and children with the provision of ICT,” she told workingmums.co.uk.

“We designed the scheme and supplied 500,000 laptops to low income homes. I was then Managing Director in the Office of the Digital Champion and developed the campaign and partnership strategy for Race Online 2012, Baroness Martha Lane Fox’s national campaign to help everyone in the UK discover the wonders of the web.”

Lloyds Banking Group – a truly flexible digital business

When Leigh started at Lloyds as a part-time manager, she was also working as Business Development Director for Adjust Your Set, a creative agency that produces branded video content.


In January 2015 she moved into a full-time role, and she’s found agility and flexibility to be ingrained in the business – to the extent that Agile Working is a mandatory course for all employees.

“Really flexible, agile working is built on trust and good use of technology – the understanding that wherever you are, whichever hours you work, you’ll deliver. When this kind of attitude prevails I find you attract the creative, forward-thinking people that great digital businesses need,” said Leigh, who points to the fact Lloyds Banking Group is also recognised as a top 30 employer for working families. View the list of Top Employers for Working Families

Watch out for…

Later this month the Consumer Index goes live, revealing for the first time the digital finance habits and capabilities of consumers.

The data produced by the Consumer Index and by the UK’s first ever index of SMEs’ digital capabilities will be a fantastic resource for businesses and policy makers.

You can find out more about Leigh and Digital Inclusion here.

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