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Nick Edwards, Consumer Digital Transformation Director, explains how we’ve made opening a children’s savings account even easier.

We spend a lot of time looking at the ways we can make our customers’ lives easier and often this can be found through providing increased choice.

We’ve been exploring the ways we can do this in relation to account opening, an area we’ve recently transformed for the children’s savings accounts we offer through the Halifax, Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland brands.


It’s important to remember that to open any type of account – including a savings account – it is extremely important to be able to verify that any account holder is who they say they are. With adults this can be done through a variety of ways and can often be supported by using credit profiles and histories that we develop as we live our lives. For children however, there are only two ways that we can verify who they are – Passports and Birth Certificates – and in both cases, only the physical presentation in person has been accepted to date.

This has presented some parents and carers wanting to open children’s accounts with a bit of a mission – lining up a convenient time to come into branch, getting their documents in order and often with their children reluctantly in tow. Appreciating that this isn’t the way that many parents (or children) want to be spending their time – we know, because we spoke to a LOT of them in our customer labs as we were exploring how we could improve this process – we set about to provide them with an alternative option. We developed the technology to enable all of this to be done online.

Customers can now complete a one page online form and upload a copy of their child’s ID in three simple steps;
• Take a picture of their child’s passport or birth certificate
• Save it to their device
• Upload it to our systems to complete the application

This marks a milestone moment in opening accounts for children, making it possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any place that they choose.

Sophia Jones, aged 2 from Leeds, recently had a Halifax Junior ISA opened for her by her parents Andy and Faye. Andy said: “I was really surprised with how easy it was to open the account and how quickly I got the email to say that it was all up and running and we could start adding money to it. For any other account we open for Sophia, or her younger sister Georgia, I’d definitely look to do it online again – I didn’t even have to leave the sofa!”


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