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Most people’s association with their employers begins at a job interview or on their first day. But, for Claire Calmejane, she was studying them in academia before Lloyds Banking Group began paying her wages.

Her introduction to LBG began in 2011, when she was a visiting scientist at the MIT Center for Digital Business. She was studying how large organisations digitise themselves, and was required to choose a case study for her paper.

“Lloyds Banking Group was three years into its digital journey and stood out for me as the only bank to get it right,” Calmejane, now the Director of Innovation, explained of her decision to feature the organisation as her topic.

“I joined Lloyds because I saw a real ambition to build a bank that’s digital inside and out, under the leadership of Miguel-Ángel Rodriguez-Sola.”


As fate would have it, Calmejane soon found herself in a senior position at the very organisation she had studied when she was appointed as the Head of Digital Delivery just 12 months later, in September 2012.

And for her, both then and now, digital innovation and disruption in a 250-year-old organisation isn’t just a challenge; it’s an opportunity.

“Digital technology is remaking our economy and society, just as steam, electricity and the combustion engine did before it,” she asserts.

It’s a bold statement, but one that Calmejane wholeheartedly believes in. As the head of the LBG Innovation Labs, Calmejane is a force to be reckoned with in the fintech industry, and she clearly knows what she’s talking about.

In fact, Calmejane’s passion for digital extends far beyond the banking industry, and she’s made it a point to combine that drive with a keen sense of altruism.

She’s deeply committed to helping the general public get online, and she’s dedicated to helping charities gain basic digital skills as part of the bank’s Helping Britain Prosper Plan and its partnerships with leading digital skills charity, Go ON UK.”


Today, she works closely with her team to harness innovative and digital technology to revolutionise the banking industry and improve customer experience.

“We have a unique opportunity to remake the banking experience,” Calmejane enthused. “To make it simpler, easier and more inclusive for our customers.”

With such a clear objective in mind, it’s no wonder Calmejane and her team are exceptionally driven in their quest to create a more digital and efficient banking system – and their efforts have been rewarded with praise and accolades from industry peers and beyond.

And while Calmejane credits the fruits of their labour to her team’s hard work and talent, she also emphasised her employer’s role in their success.

Calmejane believes that Lloyds Banking Group has helped pave the way to the top for her and her team, citing the organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in leadership as one of the key drivers of their success.

Women comprise over 40% of Calmejane’s team , who come from all across the globe. And, although the empowering environment is a crucial factor in the team’s impressive progress, Calmejane is adamant it is the people who make it all happen.

“One of our seven digital operating principles is that ‘we make each other successful’, Calmejane said.

“This means we need to collaborate and work together, across teams, across divisions, to harness our collective expertise and skills to achieve our ambitious goals.”

No man is an island, and Calmejane takes this quote to heart. In fact, it’s clear to see how much she values her team when asked to sum up her role in one simple sentence:
“I work in the best team with the best talent in the industry, trailblazing and test driving tomorrow’s banking.”

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