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Ed Bainbridge talks about design culture and leading a diverse team who have customers at the heart of their work.

The concept of design is nothing new, making products and services that look great and work for your customers is something that’s been done for hundreds of years. The difference now, however, is consumers have more choice than ever before and are far more demanding when it comes to ‘customer experience’. Do it well, and you’ll delight them with beautiful, intuitive experiences that make their lives easier. Get it wrong, and you might not get a chance to put things right.

Head of the Digital Customer Experience design studio, Ed Bainbridge, believes it’s the team around him that help to ensure the look, feel and experience of Lloyds Banking Group’s top rated digital platforms are continually raising the bar for customers. Having been with the bank since 2015, Ed has created an agency style team made up of Customer Experience (CX) designers, visual designers, copywriters and quality assurance managers who work with colleagues throughout the Group. Set within a matrix of hugely varied areas of the bank, the team helps translate initial ideas into digital design solutions that are designed to be give customers a slick and simple experience they have come to expect from global digital leaders like Netflix and Amazon.

The team has helped shape the award winning mobile applications for Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland which are used daily by millions of customers. They were also instrumental in the updates made to our internet banking sites in 2015 which simplified and improved the online experience whilst providing a future proof and elegant platform for our 12 million customers that choose to bank online.

Ed B Qte on Glass

“I think we have changed the way the bank thinks about its customers and how to deliver digital products and services to them. We’ve structured ourselves in a way that supports connecting experiences and breeding simplicity and familiarity across the business.”

The culture within Group Digital has been one of the key highlights for Ed since joining and he proudly leads the culture workstream within the Digital People Programme. The Programme sits within the Digital Centre of Excellence and focuses on creating a great place for our colleagues. The workstream Ed leads aims to promote an inclusive culture throughout the division which supports the rapid change and evolution colleagues need to embrace. Colleagues across the different areas in Group Digital work in groups, known internally as ‘culture squads’, to help land change in their respective areas and collectively transform the way in which they work together.

“I’m fortunate enough to have a really good team working with me, it’s about passionate people in passionate places.”

The move Lloyds has made to customer centric design and transforming the bank’s digital platforms helped Ed with his decision to join the bank and take a step away from the video games industry where he had worked for the previous 20 years. Before designing customer experiences for financial products, Ed helped create a number of iconic video games for some of the biggest studios in the industry including SEGA, Eidos and Disney.

Ed B 4up

“I wanted a career change and had spent quite a lot of time looking at a number of different industries. I got a sense of the journey banks were setting off on and the positive culture and attitude at Lloyds was definitely part of the decision making for me.

“There is a genuine desire to put the customer at the heart of the digital and broader experiences and that was attractive for me, having worked with big brands and customer-facing digital experiences previously.”

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