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Halls Kendal is a catering and bakery wholesale supplier based in Cumbria. Earlier this year, the area was badly hit by storms, and subsequently, floods. Paul Keast, the owner of the business, found himself in a difficult position after the premises was completely flooded. “We carried on trading, five feet of water destroyed the downstairs operation, the vehicles, stock – nothing escaped. But we kept going. It’s not even a particularly bad area for flooding!” said Paul. Unsurprisingly, all the computer systems failed and needed to be replaced too.


Prior to the floods, the business was using an old dial up system for their day-to-day banking. “It was old and we were familiar with it,” said Paul, “But once the computers needed to be replaced, there was no going back. We had to make some changes, and Lloyds came to the rescue.”

The Lloyds team quickly identified the business’s needs and got him on the pilot scheme for their new banking platform for Commercial clients – Commercial Banking Online. Ryan Price from the local Client Services team in Cardiff then got Halls Kendal registered, activated and trained within six days. The new system, as well as being web-based, is easier to access, and has more functionality like self service capability, customised screens for individuals and on screen notifications.

Pam Webb, a Senior Manager in Lloyds Banking Group Commercial Digital is responsible for helping deliver Commercial Banking Online to new clients. “In order to get Halls Kendal back up on its feet, our client services team needed to be agile, efficient and focus on the needs of the business. This new platform is designed to service a range of businesses, from small businesses such as Halls Kendal to large corporations and is the first step on our journey to digitise Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.” Michelle Prance, Transformation Director for Commercial Onboarding, shares more about the transformation underway around on-boarding new Commercial clients:

“We’re building a service which looks to the future and exceeds the expectations customers have about their bank. Clients will be able to open accounts when they need them to be opened, they will have a more streamlined and joined-up interaction, with no repeat questions, fewer forms to fill in and a multi-skilled team of onboarding managers to support them throughout their interactions with the Group.”


In the end, the disruption caused by the floods brought quite a few benefits to the business. “It was a real team effort from everyone to get back on track. Everyone went way beyond what anyone could have expected from them.” As a result of the changes, Paul decided to be more of an agent for change than he anticipated: “My relationship with Lloyds, which has spanned more than 25 years, has stayed very much the same, but now I’ve taken it upon myself to make a few more changes in the business” he said. “I’ve changed the vehicles and given the brand and logo of the company a new look. I’ve also built some new functionality on to the website. It has opened up new avenues for me digitally.”

To find out more about Commercial Banking Online, please talk to your Lloyds Bank Commercial Relationship Manager. For more insights on the transformation activity underway at Lloyds Banking Group, hear from Transformation Director Zaka Mian.

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