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Feedback is the breakfast of champions” – a well-known quote you may have heard previously but not considered what it means for organisations. The quote itself is attributed to Ken Blanchard, who is an author, speaker, management expert, and business consultant.  For an organisation it illustrates the importance of feedback – breakfast kick starts your day and gives you the energy you need to be your best. Likewise feedback is the lifeblood of any organisation.

Customer feedback is an important part of any improvement made to the bank’s digital platform and the teams have a range of ways to listen to customers and take action, with every change they make driven by some form of customer insight.

Net Promoter Score. A customer satisfaction score for the bank based on the customer’s experience. Customers rank their service from zero to ten, once they’ve completed everything they came to do. Currently the bank is testing giving customers the ability to rate their service whenever they want to in their digital journey – providing rich, in the moment feedback and helping the bank to pinpoint any potential areas of friction and take action on the things that matter most to customers, the bank also uses complaints that it receives in the same way.

Mobile. On a monthly basis the bank gets over 500 app store comments for its banking apps. Customers also have the ability to feedback at any point in the app through the ‘Tell Us’ feature. This data has been fundamental in developing the latest generation app. Before 2014 customers said that they wanted a richer, faster experience. In June 2014, as a direct result, the Group re-launched the Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland banking apps with a new and improved look and feel that customers tell us they love.

Customer labs. The Group has a dedicated team focused on improving the customer experience on its sites through feedback direct from customers. This includes getting customers to play an active part in the design of the online environment, through interactive design workshops at the bank’s offices. Before designs see the light of day customers are invited in to provide live feedback with designers sat with them to continue to develop the  look and feel of the pages aligned to their feedback.


Web analytics and surveys.  With a multitude of insight tools available to track page views and journeys (the routes customers take online), we can now see where customers have dropped out of the sites or clicked away from the page. Being able to analyse all this data, and overlay it with customer survey responses, helps the Group to take a scientific approach to improving the layout of its sites and apps to ensure that the most important customer information is clear. In this world small things can make a big difference; from changing the colours of buttons to the perspective of images, they all have a link to improving the usability of a page. However, feedback doesn’t just drive the smaller changes. It also drives bigger changes like page redesigns, new forms and adding easier ways to receive information – like video for some content. Often, when changes are made, the test pages are put live and half the customer traffic is then directed to the new design – to test whether the changes have improved things for customers.

Real-time monitoring. A dedicated team monitoring activity across the bank’s digital platforms ensures that people are finding the information they need as quickly as possible and without any errors. As with any business, there are occasions when either a customer makes an error in a process – like incorrectly filling in a form for a new current account or finding there are errors on the page that need fixing. At any point in time the bank can see ‘hotspots’ in its sites where errors are being picked up and instantly dive into the pages and investigate, fixing things quickly if required.

This is to name but a few of the various ways Lloyds Banking Group listens and acts on customer feedback.  It’s a minute by minute, day by day, constant review of their services and it’s working for customers.

Lloyds Bank’s mobile banking service was recently ranked ahead of all the other major UK banking providers by Forrester Research, for the second year running.  Forrester Research is a globally recognised research and advisory firm and the commendation recognises the extensive functionality and advanced features provided to customers.  In addition, GfK, which tracks customer satisfaction with internet banking services on a monthly basis, has put Lloyds as the top major UK brands for five out of the last six months.

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