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Digital Leaders logoNick Williams, the Managing Director of Consumer and Commercial Digital has recently joined the advisory board of Digital Leaders, made up of senior leaders from a range of industries. Digital Leaders’ mission is to expand their network of over 100,000 senior leaders and make it ever more representative of the rich spectrum of views and perspectives surrounding digital transformation. The partnership between Lloyds Banking Group and Digital Leaders is raising awareness of the need to improve digital skills in a variety of regions across the UK.

One of the ways this happens is through Digital Salons where a range of local influential business leaders, local government and charities can come together to discuss key digital issues impacting their customers and communities, hosted by Lloyds Banking Group.

The latest Digital Salon in Manchester focused on tackling the challenge of improving digital skills across the North West, based on the latest insight from the Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index. The discussion was led by Nick Williams, Lloyds Banking Group’s Managing Director for Consumer and Commercial Digital. The salon also focused on what barriers people face, and how businesses can help to drive the region’s digital skills forward.

Nick Williams quoteThe 2017 Consumer Digital Index found that there are still 11.5 million people (21%) that lack the skills to make the most of using the internet, such as creating content or shopping online. Age is also a determining factor with only 49% of those aged 65+ having Basic Digital Skills, compared to 97% of 15 to 24 year olds.

In the North West, 22% of people lack Basic Digital Skills, which means they lack online skills such as managing information, communicating, transacting, problem solving online or creating content.

Consumer Digital Index key findings

Nick Williams said: “We know that 77% of people who are offline are unaware of where to go for digital skills support and this is where things like digital salons can really help drive awareness.

“Organisations across public and private sectors must focus on one-to-one interactions and we know that trusted faces in local places can really help. That’s why we have committed, as part of our Helping Britain Prosper Plan, to provide face-to-face digital skills training, including online banking, for 2.5 million individuals, small businesses and charities by 2020.”

For more information on upcoming digital salon events, visit the Digital Leaders site.


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