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What are Digital Espressos, and why does Lloyds Banking Group host them?

Inspiration can be hard to come by, especially in our hectic schedules. With that in mind, the LBG Innovation Labs team has created Digital Espressos – weekly 30-minute inspiration sessions that cover the latest innovations and topics in the digital and financial technology industry, all in a short and informal format.

These Digital Espressos are often presented in different ways too. It can be a short presentation, a speech, or even an ‘espresso battle’ where two opposing sides debate a topic. Whatever the format, everything is geared towards helping colleagues across the bank to expand their knowledge across digital developments and the different trends customers may be experiencing.


Where did it all begin?

Digital Espressos started with a handful of curious colleagues wanting to expand their horizons. It began in a meeting room and quickly grew into an overflowing crowd at the office Atrium each week. The sessions are now rapidly expanding to other LBG sites across the country

“Our team is responsible for making innovation everyone’s job. Digital Espressos are a great way to bring market-leading thinking to our colleagues on a regular basis – on the new technologies and emerging trends that could impact financial services,” says Maxine Austin, Innovation Culture & Events Manager..

What topics do the Digital Espressos cover?

Previous topics have included data ethics, behavioural economics, viral videos and FinTech insights. We’ve also had some great speakers at the Digital Espressos – from ex-BBC leaders, industry partners, and external experts, to our own specialists here at LBG.


Is it popular?

So far there have been over 100 Digital Espressos with an average of 80 attendees every week, and there has been plenty of demand for sessions on a mixed range of topics.

The popularity of the Digital Espressos has also led to spin-offs such as Espresso Martinis – evening sessions featuring a diverse panel of expert speakers discussing topical issues – and Espresso Cinemas, where colleagues all over the UK are able to access videos of the Digital Espressos.

We film most of our Digital Espressos and host the videos on our internal intranet site so it’s easy for anyone who missed out to catch up. There are currently 75 videos on our site, ranging from topics such as cryptocurrencies to the Internet of Things. We’re hoping to share some of the videos in the future so stay tuned.

For more details on some of the Digital Espressos we’ve run recently, you can read up on the Internet of Things and watch out for the Four Steps to Accelerating Start-Ups coming soon.

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