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“Digital has changed everything – again,” says Gemma Williams, who is pioneering our Digital People Strategy. “Anyone with responsibility, interest or concern for a business’ people agenda needs to be thinking about digital through a people lens.”

This focus on people is what drives us to be the best place to work in digital in the UK.

In an age where people connect with brands on their own terms, Lloyds Banking Group is delivering market-leading products and services where customer expectation is no longer limited to the norms within our industry but the experiences people have across their digital lives. It’s not about changing the brand legacies that our customers have trusted for over 250 years, it’s about leading the digital revolution by reacting quickly to social, economic and technological progression.

We do this by strengthening our digital culture, which is where our Digital People Strategy fits – and it has already started to pay off just 18 months in.

“The first year was focused on building the right foundations,” Gemma says. “Bringing in the right talent and skills, engineering the right environment, and working with colleagues to create a culture that showcases and develops digital capabilities.”

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Five steps to building a digital culture

Our Digital People Strategy is comprised of five streams that support our digital culture.

Icons_150x150px_green_06We foster digital mind-sets through Culture stream. By celebrating the success of our people and encouraging discussion around our working principles, we’ve created a collaborative and open way of working, where people feel valued. Together, we’ve brought a better way of working into existence.


Icons_150x150px_green_05The Digital Graduate scheme is unique in digital banking with over 1,000 applicants in 2015, with only a select few joining us for a two-year development and experiential learning programme. To maximise their experience, our graduates move around the different areas of our business, advocating digital excellence and sharing new skills.


Icons_150x150px_green_04We’re building digital capabilities through our Digital Academy, which acts as the nerve-centre of digital learning. The Academy provides a range of courses, all of which are aimed at identifying and building the specialist capabilities that drive us to be the best bank for customers.


Icons_150x150px_green_03Through our Digital Talent stream, we are identifying more sophisticated ways to enhance and externalise our digital employer brand. We’re focused on finding talent based on shared ideas, values, aspirations and motivations. Using new-hire feedback, we’ve refined our already-powerful induction so that our onboarding process is the most effective and impactful in digital banking.


Icons_150x150px_green_02We are also developing our point of view on the future of work, and innovating people management interventions in that context. Our people programme is delivered by a Digital Centre of Excellence who sit in our Innovation team, and run a people lab for our business. We have established a colleague lab, to enable us to design in collaboration with our people, and together we test and learn on key concepts, pilot in business and when we have figured out what works, we are uniquely positioned to scale this for the benefit of our wider business. And we’re already seeing the results.


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“Our culture has seen us attract talent from top digital businesses, including eBay, Disney, Skype, Amazon and Rabobank, as well as great talent from other parts of our business. In addition, our recent colleague survey showed an increase from an already high and above UK norm base in each index against which we tracked the programme” Gemma enthuses.

“At LBG, we’re looking ahead to the future of work, innovating our approach, and strengthening the people proposition that embraces it. It’s a bold ambition, to be the best but a year and a half into the programme, it’s already paying dividends.”

Whitepaper: The Digital People Strategy at Lloyds Banking Group

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