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A lot can happen in 60 seconds. And with the digital revolution making almost every aspect of our lives more efficient, even traditional tasks like banking are now keeping up with our fast-paced lives.

As the UK’s leading digital bank, Lloyds Banking Group understands this need for speed all too well.

With more than 11 million active online customers and nearly 6 million active mobile banking customers, Lloyds experiences an extremely high level of traffic on their digital and mobile banking sites daily.

In fact, more than 2.7 million customers access digital banking every day – that’s more than the population of Namibia!

There’s no doubt digital banking has heralded a more flexible, convenient way of sorting our finances.

Data shows that online banking customers now make more payments outside core business hours, while 15.7 million of our 22 million accounts have opted to go paperless.

And with smartphones becoming more and more prevalent amongst UK citizens, this preference for digital banking looks set to become even more widespread and ingrained in our day-to-day lives.

Ever wondered what happens in 60 seconds at Lloyds Banking Group? Check out this infographic for a snapshot of transactions, logons and views that occur every single minute.


In order to keep up and exceed customer expectations, Lloyds Banking Group has invested heavily in education and training that’s focused on digital banking.

The Group has built an in-house Digital Academy to drive digital skills training for colleagues across the group, and we’re the first UK bank to introduce a digital-specific graduate programme – where 29 graduates were handpicked out of 1,200 applications to attend the Lloyds Banking Group Digital Graduate Scheme.

With our help, these bright minds have the potential to shape the future of banking.

It’s certainly an exciting time for digital banking, especially here at Lloyds.

Want to know more about career opportunities at Lloyds Digital? Click here to find out more.

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